Spellcaster to Stop a Divorce After the Papers Have Been Filed


If you are not the spouse who filed for divorce, you generally cannot stop the process after the papers have been filed. You can contest the grounds upon which your spouse cites in the divorce petition, and you can argue custody and property distribution, but no state will force a person to remain married just because the other partner does not want to break up. However, if you are the one who initiated the proceedings, you can usually stop the process depending on how far along it is. 

With our service as a team Of experience Spellcasters at Real Spell Home we can help you turn the paperwork in your favor and make things work out for good. 

How to Stop a Divorce in its Early/Late Stages

Especially in the stages of the divorce process—such as after the petition has been filed but before it is served on your spouse, or even after it has been served—you can simply decide to do nothing more with our powerful spell, which will stop the case from proceeding any further than it has.

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