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The beauty of your dreams starts when you become the boss of your own. Life is filled with diverse difficulties but the abilities and step you took to step out of your mystery that's what makes you a difference in the world. I'm Helen Patoksy, blood of Poland, lived all my life here in Spain . I love swimming, skating, cooking, watering my garden and always building homes for the orphanage. I have been bond to the struggles in life, not been able to do good things I've always desired to do due to financial circumstance. I receive low salary from my boss after my daily job, though I wasn't contented with it and I decided to go out in search of greater job to earn me more money. It wasn't easy to searching for a bigger job, I wanted it so as to help the needy, help the orphanages and make this world a great change for all humans to live in. Frequently I tried searching for jobs yet I get negative result. It got to a point, when I decide to search online for consultante to aid me getting a perfect job for myself. It all failed because I tried diverse means getting a greater job but it didn't work out. Fortunately, I was recommended to Dr SAKOMO who was able to guide me on how to become a boss lady of my own and today I living happily, doing things I've never done before and wok for myself. The dreams I've always wanted come to reality. We are the problem to our circumstance, we're in need of help and we still sit down and keep our mouth shout or even our fingers not moving. Dr Sakomo is there, doing more and more miraculous things, shake that pride off your shoulders and lay your complains to Dr Sakomo for help (

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